The main command of the army received information that the Germans are trying at any cost to collect the corpses of their soldiers from the battlefield.
They load them into trucks and take them to an unknown destination, accompanied by a powerful guard.
You are ordered to find out where the corpses are being taken, and why they are so carefully guarded.
In the course of a long investigation you managed to find out that they are being transported to an abandoned city.
There, the Germans are collecting the best minds in the world to create zombie warriors.
You are ordered to destroy the secret laboratory and annihilate all the guards.
Be careful, as the zombies are very bloodthirsty and strong.

In Game:
Shop for weapons and ammo, as well as first-aid kits and grenades.
Daily rewards for visiting the game every day.
The character goes to the mortuary upon death.
Falling gold from monsters.



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